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code of the merikai



01Membership and Proving

02Code of Conduct


04Merikai Council

05Heraldry and Skills

06Classes, Activities and Events



01 membership and proving


01.0 Due to the nature and intensity of activities and events, Merikai must be 18 years of age or older.

01.1Merikai are not required to dwell within the borders or boundaries of Merikiva, our land.

01.2 All Merikai are required to have a completed membership packet on file to include the following: Membership Forms, Activity Waivers and Releases, Battle Game Waivers and Releases

01.3 Merikai are responsible for making sure their contact and emergency contact information is current.


01.4Membership is granted by a summons from the Pathfinders after their application is reviewed and accepted.

01.5Along with a majority vote by the Active Merikai, Pathfinders must unanimously agree to the proposal of a Nomad.

01.6Nomads answer a Pathfinder summons by entering into the Proving trial of their choosing.



01.7The Proving is a 3 month trial period for Nomads in which they prove fealty and dedication to the Merikai after receiving a summons.

01.8 The Proving trial periods are: (January -March) (April-June) (July -September) (October-December)

01.9 To complete the Proving a Nomad must (1) Build their character persona (2) Attend and participate in a minimum of 3 events and/or activities during the 3 month trial period  (3) Uphold the Code of Merikai and 4) Show a continued interest in the future and wellbeing of the Merikai.

01.10 A Nomad concludes their Proving by performing the rituals at the next upcoming Proving Ceremony

01.11 Proving Ceremonies occur during Merikai Council upon which a Nomad becomes a villager, receives their Heraldry Ring and wears the Oath of the Merikai.



01.12 After the initial Proving, members are encouraged, but not required, to attend activities and/or events to remain a member of the Merikai.

01.13 To be considered an active member of the Merikai and maintain voting rights during Merikai Council you must 1) Attend and participate in a minimum of  10 events or activities hosted by the Merikai in the period of one year (January 1-December 31) or 3 events and/or activities every three months and (2) Show a continued interest in the future and wellbeing of the Merikai.

02 code of conduct

02.0I safeguard the wellbeing of myself, my kindred and their hearths endeavoring to do no harm.

02.1 I am willing to pursue adventure and have courage to explore the unknown within myself and the world around me.

02.2 I convey reverence through my actions to my kindred, all living things and the land I wander.

02.3 I labor alongside my fellow Merikai to strengthen my connection to our land and people.

02.4 I seek knowledge always and will give of mine freely through guidance and encouragement.

02.5make ready and provision myself so as not to burden but lighten those of another.

03 merikai

03.0 All members are known as Merikai. This is our people. We are the Merikai.

03.1Merikiva is our land. This land calls to kindred spirits so they may journey to faraway places, discover the unknown and explore the depths of creativity.

03.2 The Village of Merikai is where we rest our heads and gather to share fellowship. This is our village and home.

03.3The Merikai will have the following roles: Pathfinders, Guides, Villagers and Nomads. 

03.4 The purpose of these roles is to (1) Manage and organize tasks (2) Promote effective communication through transparency and (3) maintain a safe and fun immersive environment.

03.5 Pathfinders, Guides and Villagers carry on their role if they have the dedication and desire to do so. Pathfinders must remain Active in attendance.



03.6 Serve as representatives and liaisons for the Merikai within local and LARP communities

03.7Oversee fulfillment of duties for all village roles

03.8 Schedule and coordinate village activities and events

03.9Organize proposals and prepare agendas for Merikai Council

03.10Safeguard the Code of Merikai and handle all disciplinary matters

03.11 Maintain the treasury by keeping records of all income and expenditures

03.12Maintain and update all attendance, membership, waiver and skill records

03.13 Maintain website and village documents

03.14 May assign roles to Merikai as needed and desired

03.15 Assess safety concerns on behalf of the village including but not limited to: unpredictable weather, equipment, fire hazards, site viability, crowd management and health and safety



03.16 Serve as instructors and demonstrators during skill building classes

03.17 Create lesson plans for Skill Building Classes

03.18 Aid in the creation and updating of Skill Trees

03.19 Track completion of Skill Tree achievements during classes



03.20 Attends and participates in Merikai activities and events

03.21Volunteers time and skills to aid with tasks related to the Merikai and/or its activities and events

03.22 Presents and bears Merikai heraldry during events and ceremonies



03.23 Summoned by the Merikai to complete the Proving

03.24 Attends and participates in Merikai activities and events

03.25 Volunteers time and skills to aid with tasks related to the Merikai and/or its activities and events

04 merikai council

04.0 The Merikai Council is a gathering of all Merikai to discuss and vote on proposals

04.1All Merikai are encouraged to attend and speak during the Merikai Council.

04.2Merikai Council is held quarterly (March, June, September, December) during encampment events

04.3 Additional Merikai Councils may be called by Pathfinders as needed under the following circumstances: significant purpose, time sensitive , and/or schedule changes due to local, state or federal mandates.

04.4 All Pathfinders must be present for additional Merikai Councils and immediate notice must be given to the village.

04.5Additional Merikai Councils will be held on the Merikiva Discord server in the Council channel. 



04.6 Proposals are official petitions for changes or additions to: The Merikai, the Code of Merikai, membership, events and/or activities, skills and/or skill trees and legends

04.7 Any Merikai may submit a written proposal to be added to the council agenda.

04.8 Proposals must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to council.

04.9 All submitted proposals will be kept on record and can be viewed by the Merikai

04.10 Any proposal that is denied will include a checklist detailing why and if the proposal might be fixed and resubmitted for acceptance.



04.11 Active Merikai may vote and/or abstain from voting on a proposal at Merikai Council.

04.12Active Merikai who cannot be present during council may choose another active member to cast their proxy vote.

04.13 Proposals will be voted on and passed by a simple majority of all active Merikai present during the Merikai Council.

04.14Any proposal being discussed that is not on the agenda will be voted on at a later time.

04.15 Summary of all Merikai Council discussions and voting results are placed on record and can be viewed by the Merikai

05 heraldry and skills


05.0 Upon completion of the Proving Ceremony, Merikai receive a Heraldry Ring with five colored Cords.

05.1 Merikai are encouraged to adorn their character with this Heraldry Ring, in any fashion they choose, as a representation of their people, land and achievements.


05.2Skills are divided into five Skill Categories: Exploration, Survival, Crafting, Combat and Character

05.3 Each Skill Category is represented by a colored Cord worn on the Heraldry Ring and a Merikai symbol that when grouped together creates our heraldry     


05.4 Exploration                       Cord -Olive

05.5  Survival                       Cord -Blaze


05.6  Crafting                             Cord -Amber


05.7 Combat                       Cord -Crimson


05.8  Character                       Cord -Cobalt


05.9 Merikai Heraldry  


05.10 Skill building is based on an individual's journey and participation within the Merikai Village rather than a destination towards perfect craftsmanship, battle prowess or mastery.

05.11 Merikai may pursue any Skill Categories or Skills they choose.                                                                                          

05.12 Achievements can only be obtained through Merikai group activities, classes and presentation of relics or creations

05.13 Each Skill located within a Skill Category contains its own Skill Tree with various tasks and achievements.



05.14 Once all achievements are completed under a Skill Tree, Merikai receive one Knot on the designated Cord for that Skill Category

05.15 Every Knot received gains one mark for your character Level

05.16 Nomads who have not yet completed the Proving can still work towards completing Skill Trees and obtaining Knots. Any Knots obtained during Proving will be added to the appropriate Cord once their Heraldry Ring is received.

05.17 Skill Tree achievements for each Merikai are tracked by Guides and updated to the Merikai’s character profile by  the Pathfinders.

05.18Each Merikai can view their Skill Tree achievements, completed Skills and character Level on their character profile 

06 classes, activities and events

06.0 Merikai will uphold the Code of Conduct as a representative of Merikai, our people and land while participating in any activities or events held or attended by the Merikai

06.1 A yearly schedule of all activities, events and classes will be organized by the Pathfinders and made available to the Merikai. Notifications will be sent as soon as possible of any cancellations, updates or changes to this schedule 

06.2Merikai are urged to read all activity, event and class descriptions on the schedule for important and relevant information including, but not limited to: Cost, supply and tool lists, event schedules, essential items, clothing or equipment needed for participation, location and activity intensity

06.3 All Merikai activities, events and classes are limited to members only unless specified otherwise in the description



06.4Merikai are encouraged to RSVP for all Merikai classes to ensure adequate preparations can be made.

06.5 Merikai Classes that require fees for supplies and/or tools must be paid in advance.

06.6 Members may participate in Merikai classes at no cost, if desired, provided they bring their own supplies and/or tools.


06.7 Merikai are encouraged to RSVP, purchase tickets, pay fees and volunteer in advance for any activities they plan on attending

06.8 Members must be prepared for a variety of challenging conditions during activities including, but not limited to unpredictable weather, large crowds, and terrain

06.9 Merikai are expected to wear appropriate clothing, footwear and bring their own equipment if not specified as provided in the activity description

06.10 Merikai are expected to provide their own hydration and sustenance if not specified as provided in the activity description



06.11 Members are encouraged to RSVP, purchase tickets, pay fees and volunteer in advance for any events they plan on attending

06.12 For any events featuring Battle Games, Merikai must sign all necessary Battle Game waivers/releases and be cognizant of MOAs and rules for the combat they are participating in

07 treasury

07.0 All Merikai have access to  view the village treasury

07.1 Funds from the treasury may only be used on things that benefit the entire village

07.2All pathfinders must unanimously approve the use of funds

07.3 Anything purchased with the Merikai treasury is property of the Merikai

07.4 Profits made from Merikai activities and events must go into the Merikai treasury

07.5 Should an event not make a profit, the withdrawal of funds for the event will be considered a loss.

07.6 The Merikai treasury must maintain a minimum of $150. Should funds fall below this amount, no withdrawals may be made until it is back to that level.

07.7 Efforts will be made to raise and maintain funds via raffles, activity and event fees and donations

08 exile

08.0 Any person that consistently breaks the Code of Merikai will be subject to disciplinary action. Pathfinders must vote unanimously to propose exile of a member if the need arises.

08.1  A member may be exiled with a simple majority vote by the Merikai during Merikai Council.

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